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YES!  We always have live music twice a week at the Atlas!

Every Friday, 8:00pm to 10:00pm
Free Show 

Good News! Thursday Jazz Coming in April!

For over 4 years (since May 2013), the Atlas Cafe has been presenting live jazz bands for free on Friday nights.  Booking philosophy: The best bands you've never heard of. We don't care if a band has never played out because we book on quality, not fame. You will always be assured of hearing an excellent band, and you'll get a chance to meet the players before they become famous!  Seriously.  Welcome to Jazz@The Atlas!

Bands are booked in residency, so that the same band plays the same Friday of the month each month.  This helps the bands build up a following, so that people can know when to see them.  Other bands are substituted when the scheduled band goes on tour or is unavailable for some reason.

First Fridays (1st to 7th each month)

Paul Sanwald Quartet < New for 2018!
Line-up: Piano, Tenor Sax, Drums, Paul on Upright Bass

Second Fridays (8th to 14th each month)

Dana Geller & The NoteNation Quartet - featuring Dana on keyboard < New for 2018!


Third Fridays (15 to 21st each month)

Bill Petitti Quartet Haute Sax! Longest running band in Jazz@The Atlas


Fourth Fridays (22nd to 28th each month)
Jonathan Hsu 4-piece Band featuring Jonathan on guitar - Back from Vacation


Fifth Fridays (29th to 31st when they occur)

Morgan Maudiere Band - featuring Morgan on electric piano

Performing in March, June, August, and November 2018


Other Performers You May See

William Berg Quintet

Seascape Sounds
Eli Maliwan

Dan Neville
Geller-Gold Quartet 

Gil Cohen Quartet

Click a link above to find out more about the performers and to hear tracks.

Bill PetittiPaul Sanwald
Michael Gold Jonathan Hsu

Contact David Kaye for info at However, these shows are booked as ongoing monthly residencies, so it's unlikely that we'll have a spot in the near future.




Every Saturday 4:00 to 6:00 pm
Free Show

For information about this show, please contact Craig or Meredith directly.


Craig Ventresco and/or Meredith Axelrod Ragtime and blues!  Two experts on ragtime and early blues will delight you with their wide-ranging repertoires





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